A.K.Desiccants is one of the leading manufacturers of loose silica gel, silicate and packing pouch. We have established in the year 1994 and since that time we are dealing with the wide range of silica gel with different colors in Delhi, U.P and all over India. We always focus on the quality of our products and believe in customer satisfaction. Today our company is one of the fastest growing companies as we promise premium quality products at reasonable price.

The journey of A.K Desiccants started with manufacturing of loose silica gel, and silicate and today we become one of the best supplier of these products. We import best quality raw material from Gujarat to design best quality products and export them in Delhi, U.P AND all over India. We are one of the best sellers of loose silica gel of different colors like:

  • Banslochan neel a and white
  • Tabashir neela and white
  • Silica gel white
  • Silica gel blue
  • Silica gel pouches in all grams in paper and non-woven

We believe in providing full satisfaction by exporting premium quality products and to take care of quality we have a team of experience people. Our expert’s team always keeps an eye on the changing demand of current market and check whether our products fulfill those demands or not. Being as one of the leading manufacturers, supplier of loose silica gel, silicate our main motto is to give full satisfaction to our customers. We are one of the fastest growing companies because of the best quality products in wide range and at reasonable price.

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